Where to Sell your Apple Watch for Cash

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Where to Sell your Apple Watch for Cash

September 18, 2015 No comments

You've just dawned into the new age of technology and bought yourself an Apple Watch...congrats! It's always fun to get new toys electronics to mess around with and keep you entertained. The new Apple Watch can be a lot of fun to play with, it might even give you some extra confidence while you're wearing it, but then it starts to dawn on you...

"Hold up...can't I can do all this on my iPhone already?"

Though Apple is an international leader in consumer electronics, their venture into the smartwatch business has been met with skepticism. For a company that has the resources to initiate whatever they want, their influence within the tech industry cannot be ignored. Although smartwatches have been around since 2013, the majority of the general public wasn't aware of this watch technology until Apple peeked their heads in. The lure of an Apple produced smartwatch was appealing enough to lead to an estimated 3 million Apple Watches sold. But not everyone is happy with them.

Not everything is wrong with the Apple Watch and it does have some attractive features. Being able to monitor your heart rate, steps, and other health functions are nice to have, and the convenience of receiving and checking texts from your wrist could be something we call normal in about 10-15 years. But for right now, it's still a gamble.

Being stuck with one doesn't have to be all that bad, because you can still recoup some of that money once you sell your Apple Watch for cash through our services at ePelican.com

You might have thought this purchase would be an easy $400 waste...but don't be! We're here to help you in this situation. Our process is pretty simple, just select which Apple Watch you're trying to sell from our website, select the band that you have (the offer is the same for all colors), and choose how you want to be paid. We'll send you a box to ship it in, pay for the shipping, and give you cash for it. Quick and easy without any effort on your part. Those interested in selling an Apple Watch, can do so by clicking here.


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