How to Trade in Your Old Smartphone

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How to Trade in Your Old Smartphone

October 8, 2014 No comments


You're scrolling through the web, watching your favorite show, when suddenly a new commercial catches your eye. Strange, they seem to be advertising your smartphone but something looks a little different about it. At the same time, your twitter feed is blowing up with rumors and high definition pictures and then it hits you...your smartphone is now outdated. Just when you thought you had the latest and greatest in phone technology, you now struggle to realize that there is newer version of your phone with even more features you love. What are you going to do with the phone you have? You're going to trade that sucker in for cash.

So where do you turn to trade in your old smartphone?

Maybe you're thinking about Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, or Walmart. But you're only going to receive store credit or gift cards at each of these places. You can always sign up for a new two-year contract with your carrier to upgrade, but you enjoy your freedom and don't want to be locked down by the man. You want cold hard cash...and this is where ePelican can help you.

trade in your old smartphone

Here's the scoop, head to our website and select your device.

  • You'll see options for iPhone, Smartphone, iPad, iPod and tablet. Simply choose which phone you are going to sell back by clicking on its icon.
  • After each selection a drop down menu appears. For example, once you choose either iPhone or Smartphone you'll have to click on the specific iPhone or smartphone you have.
  • Select your carrier and click on "View Offer" to see how much money you can get if you trade in your old smartphone.
  • Select the condition of your device based on the descriptions listed and when you're ready, click "Sell now"

Create an account or sign is as a guest to proceed to check out. All you need to do is enter your shipping address, tell us if you want a box and a return label (why wouldn't you want free shipping and a box?), and how you want to be paid (check or PayPal). Send us your phone inside the box with the return label we provide, and once we receive it you'll get paid. That's it, no hassle, no problems.

Now you can use the cash for whatever you want. Like some new kicks, maybe help pay rent, or upgrade to a new smartphone. That way you can feel confident that you'll be rockin' the latest phone to hit the least for 6 months or so.

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