The Top 4 iPad Accessories For Entertainment

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The Top 4 iPad Accessories For Entertainment

October 20, 2014 No comments


[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou've just peeled off the thin protective layer on your new iPad, and the indescribable feeling of fresh electronics is flooding out. It's a great feeling isn't it? Why stop now? Your new iPad is a blank canvas ready to be accessorized! Hopefully you sold us your old iPad so you have some extra cash for a sweet new accessory. Regardless of what you purchased your new iPad for, you've got to have a little fun with it! Here are 4 iPad accessories that will be sure to make you smile, and provide some good times.


iPad Accessories-JBL Speaker

JBL Flip Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

One of the most obvious iPad accessories to have is a good wireless Bluetooth speaker. I want to emphasize the convenience with the wireless feature of this speaker. Your iPad is a great tool to access movies and music, and the ability to bring that booming sound to wherever you want is so gratifying. Having a party in the living room? No problem, throw on the speaker and play the tunes from your iPad. Maybe you're on the grill in the backyard? Catch the game on your iPad while your speaker sits right next to you.

  • Price: $99. These kind of products can range in cost, but this is an affordable price for the quality of this speaker.

iPad Accessories-iCade



I know what you're thinking...and the answer is yes, this is real!  That right there is an iPad gently packed into a mini old school arcade-style machine frame. I don't think I need to describe how awesome this looks. As far as game play, you'll be able to access over 500 games including the Atari classes. To get the Atari classics, just download the free Atari Greatest Hits app and you'll flashback to the golden days. Game on!

iPad Accessories-Foosball

Classic Match Foosball

We all love heading to a friends house and finding out that they have a Foosball table. Even if you aren't really interested in playing at the moment, you'll end up taking a turn at the sticks to see if you can make those mini soccer players do what you want them to. It's an addicting game. Lucky for you, you don't have to go out and buy a giant table anymore. So, invite your friends over, tell them you just got a new Foosball table and watch their reaction when you whip out your iPad.

iPad Accessories-Telepresence robot

Double Telepresence Robot

Now this is what we're talking about. You've always heard people tell you that they can't be two places at once, well you can forget that old saying because now you can. Bet you didn't know your new iPad could also double as your head, did you? This two-wheeled robot connects with your iPad and lets you video chat from any location (that has WiFi or internet connectivity). After you download the accompanying app for both the robot and the driver iPads, you're able to control the robot carrying your pixelated head wherever you desire it to go.


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