Spotify vs. Apple Music

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Spotify vs. Apple Music

July 21, 2015 No comments

If you're like most people, music is an integral part of our lives. The providers and apps that we use to stream and listen to music, however, differ greatly. Two of the biggest players in the streaming attraction are Spotify and Apple Music. So the question remains, how do you separate between the two? Here are some of the ways in which Apple and Spotify differ.

Spotify vs. Apple Music


In terms of the cost, Apple Music and Spotify are about the same – both will cost you $9.99 a month if you want to stream music without limits. Don’t have 10 dollars? Don’t worry. Both of these music streaming apps have a “free option”, so that you can still jam to your favorite songs while on a budget (as long as you're willing to deal with ads). There are strings attached to this sweet deal, however, and both of these services have differing policies regarding the amount of features that you will have access to if you opt for a free option. Apple will allow you to use the free option with “only a limited number of options”, while if you opt for the free version of Spotify, then you'll be dealing with numerous ads. Another little detail: for both sites, you're going to need a paid prescription if you want to listen to your music offline.

App availability:

Naturally, you can use both of these apps on a variety of different platforms besides smartphones. Apple Music can be used on the Mac, Windows, or Apple T.V.; you can use Spotify on both of the aforementioned computer OS systems along with the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox. Clearly, gamers may still want to keep a closer eye on Spotify than they would on Apple Music. Still, Apple Music is relatively new and will could allow for such compatibility in the future.

Music Library size:

Both of these apps boast a potential music library capacity of 30 million. In terms of library size, there is no comparison (after all, you would hope that 30 million songs would be enough!)

Family Sharing: 

Both Apple Music and Spotify have family plan options, which allow an entire family to spend less per person for the service. Spotify's  plan, however, is a bit pricier. Apple charges 14.99 for up to 6 users on their family plan; with Spotify, you'll pay $14.99 for two users, with the ability to add another user for an additional $5. For a family all hoping to be able to stream music, Apple Music looks to be a more viable option (for now).

Conclusively, Apple Music has now declared to be a playing member in the game of music-streaming – and they are out to get the profit that Spotify misses out on.  As such, this is reflected in the price for the services. It may not be a fair comparison to make this early on in terms of Apple Music, but it still worth contrasting the two for now. Choosing one streaming app over another may seem like a trivial task, but there are fundamental differences between each one of them that could make one a better option for you.

Let us know which one you'll be using in the comments below!


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