How to Set Up Apple Pay on Apple Watch

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How to Set Up Apple Pay on Apple Watch

June 19, 2015 No comments

The new Apple Watch has many helpful features; it can be used to view and send texts, emails, make calls from your iPhone, navigate as a GPS, and track your physical activity. It can even replace your physical credit card, enabling you to make a purchases straight from your wrist.

Follow these steps to start using Apple Pay on Apple Watch.

  • Open the Apple Watch settings app on your iPhone and click on the "Passbook & Apple Pay" option.
  • You can use a card that is already registered with iTunes, just verify your card by entering your security code
  • To add more cards, tap on Add a new Credit or Debit Card

To add a new card, just scan the card directly into your iPhone. The card that you initially register will become your default payment method. You can always opt to change your default card within the settings app on your iPhone. Deleting a card is as simple as tapping the card and selecting the "remove" option on the iPhone Apple Watch app.

Using Apple Pay in Stores

At a participating store's register (7-11, CVS, Starbucks, and Target, to name a few), double tap the side button on the watch and choose which card you'd like to pay with. Hold the watch close to the card reader and wait until you feel a gentle vibration along with a sound from your watch. As a final confirmation that the payment has gone through, a check mark will appear on your watch's screen.

In the event that you lose your watch or it is stolen, de-authorizing Apple Pay from your watch can be done remotely from either your iPhone or your online iCloud account. When you add a debit/credit card to your Apple Watch, a unique, virtual card number is created and assigned to a chip inside the watch. The numbers are not stored on Apple servers, nor are they shared with merchants or transmitted with your payments. Once you have de-authorized a card from your watch remotely, the virtual debit/credit card number is de-authorized and the watch cannot be used for payments.

Easy, user-friendly, and secure -  Apple Pay on the Apple Watch can prove to be a significantly more convenient payment method over the traditional plastic cards.

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