How Do I Sell My Samsung Galaxy Smartphone?

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How Do I Sell My Samsung Galaxy Smartphone?

October 14, 2014 No comments

You've probably loved using your Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5, but just when you think you're on top of your smartphone game, an ad comes up and slaps you in the face. No! Say it ain't so! Right in front of your eyes is a picture of the shiny the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha, right beside the Galaxy Note 4. Luckily, you know you can sell your old phone to help pay for the new one, yet you still find yourself thinking, "How do I sell my Samsung Galaxy smartphone?"

So where do you turn? You might think those big corporate conglomerate's like Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon can give you the most. If gift cards are your thing, then they could be your winner. These places will only give you a gift card or in-store credit for your used electronics. What about your carrier? Signing up for a new two-year contract would let you upgrade, but you're tired of being tied down. That's where you head to the search engine sites and type in "How do I sell my Samsung Galaxy smartphone." Ah, choices, choices. Now it's time to narrow down who you are going to sell it to.

So where do I sell my Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

Sell my samsung galaxy smartphone

First thing on your list of demands, convenience. This whole selling process has got to be simple and easy, you're the one with the product here. Luckily, ePelican makes it extremely convenient to sell your old Samsung Galaxy smartphone to us. All it takes is a couple clicks online to get a box and return label sent your way.

  • Simply click on the "smartphone" graphic, follow the prompt and select Samsung.
  • Select the carrier your phone is locked to.
  • Pick out which model you are looking to sell, and click "View Offer."
  • Choose the condition of your device based on the descriptions, and click "Sell Now."

We know you'd like to stay safe and sound in your house instead of driving around and meeting strangers to sell your phone. That's why we'll send you a box to send your phone in and pay for the shipping back to us. Keeping you safe and wealthy at the same time.

So stop feeling down about your old Samsung Galaxy smartphone and upgrade to the latest one! Our live customer service agents are available to answer any questions or help you out through the process. Yes, you read right, a real live person on the phone. Contact us at (949) 397-2955 or email us at



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