Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Put Through Stress Test

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Put Through Stress Test

October 3, 2014 No comments

For all of those who saw the backlash Apple received from some unwanted publicity regarding their bending iPhone 6 Plus’, it is easy to see why Samsung would want to come out and stop any speculation of similar issues with their devices before it even begins. That is exactly what they have done in a new video put out that shows the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 going through a three-point bend test, equipped with a machine applying pressure on the center of the device, and a mechanical-jean-wearing robot to emulate a human sitting down. Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is made with metal unlike the plastic Galaxy Note 3, Samsung is taking advantage of the controversy from Apple to promote their new phablet.

Even though the bendgate scandal has been heavily refuted by Apple, the public's reaction to watching the brand spakin' new iPhone being bent caught on like wildfire. Plenty of other videos have already been uploaded that show iPhone 6 Plus users testing the bendgate scandal for themselves. Some of which feature some brave (and stupid) individuals. By releasing this video through the same media channel, Samsung is hoping to attract those viewers and recruit them away from their current carriers and make them join team Samsung.

As assuring this video makes you feel, it undoubtedly will not stop a curious customer to try and bend these new phablets. When a consumer test video has been made from the public, we will be able to get a truer understanding of how strong the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 really is. Hey, whad'ya know, there already are some.

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