Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

October 29, 2014 No comments

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t's Wednesday, two days before Halloween, and you are stuck without a costume. Last minute Halloween costume ideas can be a real stress to come up with. You are most likely tired of the same old costumes that you recycle every year like being a cat or a witch. If you cruise the internet then these costumes wont have you questioning "what the hell is that?". Last minute Halloween costumes can be very stressful to throw together as you don't want to look like a rag doll (unless that is your costume that is). These mostly simple costume ideas are easy to make or fund (for the most part) and at least you won't be going as yourself for Halloween.

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas:

These 5 are random last minute Halloween costumes ideas found across the internet from Instagram to Facebook. Enjoy!

1. Error 404: Costume Not Found

This costume is funny for anyone who has every surfed the web regularly because at some point you will find yourself at a "404 page, Content not found" which is basically a page that doesn't exist but has a link to it. It is cheesy, corny, and any other word you can use to describe an entire "costume" as a shirt with 4 words on it but if you have a white t-shirt and a permanent marker, you are golden to use this gem of a costume (If you can even call it that).


Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas - 404 costume "404 error" costume t-shirt (Credit

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas - 404 "404 Error"









2. Tinder Match

If you have used Tinder you know about the addicting swipe left or swipe right till you are "matched" with a hope-to-be soul mate, but in this guys case he just wants a little real life connection. This costume is pretty clever as he won't have to worry about any "catfish" games that meeting someone over the internet comes with (i.e. Manti Teo). All you need for this costume is a large poster board and some scissors and colored markers if you don't have access to a the printing materials he clearly has access to.


Last minute Halloween costume ideas - tinder "It's a match"












3. Identity Theft

Identity theft is a huge deal in our country and around the world with almost every facet of our lives becoming digital and online. This witty girl has managed to turn something not so humorous into a 2 dollar costume idea.

Last Minute Halloween Costume ideas - Identity Theft "Identity Theft"












4. Candy "Rappers"

This "costume" might seem really silly, and it is, but as a pun it's "chuckle worthy".

Last Minute Halloween Costume ideas - candy rappers Candy Rappers











5.  A Sim

"Ah, docka morpher, benzi chibna looble bazebni gweb" No, you didn't stumble upon a lost hooked on phonics website. That's "Simlish" for "Hey, I know what you mean, nothing is impossible if you believe." If you are trying to learn "Simlish" you can visit here. If you just need a quick costume you can fasten a green diamond to your head band like this:

Last Minute Halloween Costume ideas - "Being a sim"












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