How to Remove The SIM Card on Your iPhone

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How to Remove The SIM Card on Your iPhone

May 13, 2015 No comments

Not sure how to remove the SIM card on your iPhone? Don't stress, it's an effortless procedure that anyone can do!

Your SIM card is what connects your iPhone to your wireless network, and it carries important information such as contacts, phone numbers, and messages. Removing the SIM card from your phone is an easy but necessary step when you're getting rid of, switching out, or selling your iPhone. The process can be done with either a SIM card remover or a paper clip. Most likely, it will be a paper just bend one side of the paper clip to get the pointed side facing out.

How to remove the SIM card from your iPhone

  1. First thing first, locate the SIM tray on your iPhone or iPad. It should be on the right side panel of your iPhone, on the side underneath the power button.

    • If you've got an iPad Air, it's on the right side of the iPad
    • If you've got an earlier version iPad (iPad 2, 3, or 4) it sits on the top of the left side on the iPad.

  2. Push the bent paper clip inside the small pin hole opening to with a small amount of force to eject the SIM card tray

  3. Slide the rest of the SIM card tray straight out of the device.

  4. Take out your SIM card from the tray. It should come out pretty easily.

Once you've removed it, slide the SIM card tray back into the phone until it pops into place. Be gently with it, as any extra or unnecessary pressure could cause it to break. Also, be sure to check that you're putting the SIM card tray back in the appropriate direction while inserting it into the phone.

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