How to Make Your iPhone Answer Calls on Speakerphone

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How to Make Your iPhone Answer Calls on Speakerphone

December 2, 2015 No comments

I can’t say how many times I have answered my phone with my hands busy.  Most of those times I either don’t have a hands free device plugged in, or I’m driving or cooking, and I end up fumbling around with my phone trying to turn on the speaker. In order to solve the issue, I learned how to make all my calls answer immediately on speakerphone.  The setting is incredibly easy to switch, so I can turn it on and off if I know I am going to be cooking or driving and I want to be able to answer my phone yet keep doing whatever incredibly world changing task I am involved in. Follow my lead:

First, open ‘Settings’. Then, select ‘General’.

answer calls on speakerphone

Last, find and click on ‘Accessibility’.

answer calls on speakerphone

Here you will find a few different headers and you want to find the ‘Interaction’ header.  Underneath that header, locate the ‘Call Audio Routing’ option and select it.  This will take you to an option that will allow you to select how your phone routes call audio.  Selecting ‘Speaker’ will then tell your phone to answer calls on speakerphone.

answer calls on speakerphoneanswer calls on speakerphone

One thing I will note, as it is just as easy to deselect the speakerphone when you have a call that you don’t want on speaker, this option will open every call in speaker first. 

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