How to Free Up Space On Your iCloud Account

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How to Free Up Space On Your iCloud Account

November 13, 2015 No comments

As most people are aware, storage space is valuable and limited, especially cloud storage space.  iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage server and Apple gives all of their customers 5gb of free storage space. 5gb however, is nowhere near enough space to simply save everything, giving no thought to capacity limitations.  Deleting old backups or multiple backups can help conserve some of this valuable space.  Also, if you are going to sell your iPhone to ePelican, or are thinking of selling your iPhone in the future, it helps to remove old backups ensuring the sale of no more than the old device.  Here is a simple walk through to free up space on your iCloud account.

First, select the Settings icon and then select iCloud.


Next, select the Storage option, then Manage Storage. All of the mobile devices backed up on the particular iCloud account will display directly beneath the Backups heading.manage storage


Select the backup to be deleted.  The bottom of the next screen should have an option to delete the backup.  If you have purchased a new iPhone and are looking at an old backup before you sell an old iPhone the only information available will be the date and size of the most recent backup.  If you are looking at the backup for the device being used (note the previous photo, on one backup option it says This iPhone), this screen will also allow the option to manage future backup details.  Deselecting nonessential apps from being backed up will also help to conserve storage space.

manage storage info

After selecting Delete Backup, a message will appear confirming the action and removal of the backup from iCloud.  Select Turn Off & Delete and the space will now be available for new data storage.

Turnoff Delete

Deleting iCloud backups from a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is not much different.  But the benefit of deleting old backups is still just as great as removing them from your portable devices.

First, open up System Preferences and select iCloud.

Then, select the Manage button in the bottom right corner of the window.  In the next window, the left hand column will show most of the things stored on the particular iCloud account.  Selecting one will show its details and allow an option for deletion.

Select Backups.  The screen will now show available backups in the right hand column.  Click on the backup to be deleted to highlight the file and then click Delete.


Freeing up storage space is priceless as it allows extra space for more important information to be stored.  Deleting old backups helps free up that space.  Also, once you decide to sell your iPhone, deleting old backups can be one more measure of security.  Whether deciding to sell your iPhone or just wanting some extra storage space, managing cloud storage is something that ensures our devices are working for us the way we want them to.

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