How To Factory Reset An Android Device

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How To Factory Reset An Android Device

October 22, 2014 No comments

You are trying to load one of your favorite gaming apps or maybe just trying to check the scores of the game on your Galaxy S5. It feels like you pressed your finger to open the app a little over 20 minutes ago. These days we complain about "lag time" when we open an app and it doesn't open instantly, but when you can open an app and it takes 10 minutes for it to load up, your phone might be slower than usual. There are a few reasons you might want to reset your device:[starlist]

  • Your device is running sluggish
  • You are going to sell your phone and don't want your personal information left on it
  • You want to "start over" with your device

[/starlist] The actual process to reset your phone to factory settings is quite simple and only takes a few steps. There is no need to visit google and search "how to factory reset an android device" as you are already in the right place! The biggest decision you will have to make is if you care to back up your data or not. Backing up your device can save your apps/music/contacts so you can reset your device but not lose all of your important data. If you need help with backing up your device before a reset click here. So if you're ready for that "new phone" feel with your operating system, follow the steps below.

How to factory reset an Android:

Step 1:

Find your "settings" icon. If you haven't made any interface changes you should be able to find it on your main homepage or under the apps section of the device.

how to factory reset an android - homepage Android homepage with "settings" icon.

Step 2:

Within the settings, visit the "general tab"

how to factory reset an android - settings "General" tab under settings.

Step 3:

Visit the "Backup and reset" menu

how to factory reset an android - backup menu Backup and reset menu

Step 4:

Select "Factory data reset"

how to factory reset an android - factory reset button "Factory data reset" tab

Step 5:

The point of no return, press the "Reset device" button

how to factory reset an android - reset device Point of no return


After this simple 5 step process, the phone will restart and you will see the little Android guy doing what Android guys do. Once the phone resets it will act as it did when the phone was fresh out of the box. You will be asked to set up the phone with language settings, gmail account, etc. Don't forget, if you are looking to sell or trade in your Android device check us out to get the highest price for your old device.

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