Apple Watch Tips and Tricks

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Apple Watch Tips and Tricks

June 17, 2015 No comments

With the Apple Watch, one of the world's most influential technological companies has placed its mark in the burgeoning segment of smart wearable devices. Apple has released what amounts to be a new experience, which is precisely what the company accomplished with the iPod and later the iPhone. As with those two devices, the Apple Watch is highly intuitive, which means that it is packed with hidden features and useful secrets intended to be joyfully discovered by its owners.

Here are the Apple Watch tips and tricks you need to know:

Find Your iPhone with Ping

The iOS feature “Find My iPhone” is great for owners who think that their device was left behind or stolen, but what about when the iPhone is misplaced at home and is seemingly nowhere to be found? This is where the Ping iPhone function comes in handy. To activate it, simply access the Glances screen with an upward swipe from the watch face mode, swipe left to get to Settings, and finally tap on Ping iPhone, which will make the misplaced device emit a sound until it can be located.

The Film Director Trick

Intricate selfies and elaborately framed scenes are now possible thanks to this clever Apple Watch and iPhone combination. Setting up the iPhone as a camera allows the use of the Apple Watch as a remote viewfinder at a maximum distance of about 30 feet. The Camera App on the Apple Watch can be activated to remotely view the scene and operate the shutter or record, and the images or video can also be reviewed from the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Screenshots

With so many customization options, taking a screenshot on your Apple Watch is a popular feature that users are sure to enjoy. In order to take a screenshot, simply click on the Digital Crown and the button beneath simultaneously.

Use the Siri App Launcher

With the Apple Watch, you want to be as hands-off as possible. Instead of fumbling around the screen to tap icons, users should allow Siri to help them. To prompt Siri to come alive, simply say "Hey Siri" in to watch or press down and hold the Digital Crown. From here you can open your apps by saying "open" or "launch" and the name of the app to activate it.

Power Management and Battery Life

As a wearable device, the Apple Watch provides a far more personal and intimate user experience than a normal watch, which means that owners are more likely to find themselves in situations when charging may not be possible. To ease this situation, the Power Reserve mode allows the Apple Watch to run on standby for an additional 72 hours. Power Reserve can be accessed at any time by pushing down and holding the side button and tapping the appropriate selection on the screen.


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