5 tricks your iPhone can do with iOS 8.3

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5 tricks your iPhone can do with iOS 8.3

June 3, 2015 No comments

The latest iOS update gives users opportunities to take advantage of exciting new apps with capabilities that haven’t previously been available. Here are 5 tricks your iPhone can do after you’ve updated.

1) More features on iCloud

iCloud is integrated into iOS and is responsible for keeping your devices updated with the latest versions of your documents, apps, contacts, photos, etc., that can be synced to your computer. Newer features include iCloud Photo Library and family sharing. You can even track lost or stolen devices with your iCloud account.

2) Adjusting emoji skin tones

Apple introduced an updated, redesigned emoji keyboard with the release of iOS 8.3. The new keyboard features over 300 new characters with more diverse choices, including an option to change the skin tone of some of the emoji characters. Simply follow these few steps:

  1. Tap on the smiley face icon at the bottom of your iOS stock keyboard between the "123" and dictation options and select "People" emoji section.

  1. Hold down the selected emoji face and slide your finger to change the skin tone you want.

3) Put unknown messengers in a separate app

The iOS update adds a must-have feature to the Messages app that stops incoming notifications via iMessages from unknown numbers or email addresses not in your contacts lists and sorts them into a separate tab in the Messages app. To enable this feature, open the settings app and tap Messages. Use the slider to enable the ‘Filter Unknown Senders' option.

4) Make calls with speaker in Siri

You can now ask Siri to make and place calls on speaker using on your iPhone, enhancing your hands-free capabilities while driving or multitasking. Simply say "Call (name of who you want to call" into Siri and she'll initiate a call.

5) Scan a credit card for online orders

You can use your device's camera to scan and enter credit card information by opening up Settings and tapping on Safari. Next, tap on Passwords & AutoFill. The Names and Passwords and Credit Cards are turned on by default, but press Saved Credit Cards to add a credit card. You'll be prompted to enter your device's password once you press on Add Credit Card. At this point, you'll be able to scan the credit card by pressing on the blue words 'Use Camera' at the top. A white box will appear showing 'Position Card In This Frame', prompting you to place your card under the camera. The iPhone will vibrate when it detects the card numbers and may also pick up the expiration date.

Now you're ready to take full advantage of all that the latest iOS has to offer...that is until the next one comes around.

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