5 Things We Want the Apple Watch 2 to Have

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5 Things We Want the Apple Watch 2 to Have

January 14, 2016 No comments

The Apple Watch has been out for almost a year, and has sold well. Apple doesn’t like to rest on it’s laurels for long though, and it is widely rumored that the second generation model will launch sometime in March.

Where can Apple do better? There is plenty of room for improvement and innovation, especially considering the competition and what they’ve been able to do with their own smart watches. In comparison, the Apple Watch is beginning to look dated – so here’s five things we think the Apple Watch must have in order to keep pace with its rivals.

Less Dependence on Your iPhone

One of the biggest gripes with the current Apple Watch is the fact that it’s quite crippled without the presence of an iPhone (We’re willing to bet this issue is why we’ve seen many of your sell your Apple Watch back). While it might not be possible yet to allow the Apple Watch to function as a standalone device (i.e. giving it cellular capabilities) and still keep its small form factor, we’d like to see a lot of improvement in this respect.

How about the inclusion of GPS technology? That is one easy way to make the Apple Watch 2 more useful. Or maybe on-board Wi-Fi? You’d be able to use iMessage and other apps. Of course, we won’t complain if they actually make it completely independent of your iPhone, too.

Better Battery Life

Apple has been the subject of criticism when it comes to the Apple Watch’s battery life. While reviews have confirmed Apple’s claims of all day battery life, it is an inconvenience to have to charge the device every night. While we’re not asking for the world here, at least a doubling of battery life would make it a little less bothersome to throw it on the charger so often.

Better Performance

Apple has packed quite a bit into this small little device, however it does suffer from a good deal of lag when you’re accessing internet-connected apps. We’d venture to guess that this has a lot to do with the fact it must first go through your iPhone to access the Web (one of the reasons we listed a more independent Apple Watch above), it is something that Apple needs to focus on.

Make it Waterproof

The Apple Watch is water resistant, but we feel that the water resistance is surprisingly weak for a $350 watch. Apple Watch’s water resistance has a “IPX7” designation, meaning it should be safe in the rain or shower.

A few daring owners have even taken their watches swimming, and have come out with a fully functional and undamaged watch. Apple strongly discourages this, and intentional water contact voids your warranty. We’d really like to see Apple strengthen up its water resistance, if not make it completely waterproof. This is an expensive piece of equipment and likely will be subject to much more water contact – basic water resistance doesn’t seem enough.

More Display Options 

Watches and their style are something that is inherently personal. While Apple has given us choices in band material and finishes, all the watches are the same rectangular shape. We think it might be a good idea to open up the design of the watch itself, say a circular, oval, AND a rectangular face, and give consumers a real choice.

Yes, it’s not Apple’s way, but this isn’t a phone. With a watch, Apple needs to realize not everybody is going to think the same.

We’re sure many of you will have other must haves when the Apple Watch 2 comes out. Of course, if you’re a current Apple Watch owner, if you decide to sell your Apple Watch back ePelican.com can help you to get the best trade-in value anywhere.

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